Protection of IP rights

Since March 30, 2000 we deal with trademark and copyright infringements online and we have developed effective strategies to tackle counterfeits and other infringements online. 

Besides our specialization in trademark protection, with particular reference to reclaim activities of correspondent domain names, we developed skills and tailored services in order to tackle new issues and threats for trademark owners, such as possible infringements of intellectual property rights through social media and smartphone or tablet applications.

In view of the increasing economic and strategic relevance of Intellectual Property assets for the development and competitiveness of enterprises and the essential use of the Internet and other digital tools for promotional purposes, our strategic advice concerning the protection of IP rights online and the experience, reliability and flexibility of our team of experts, whose reclaim activities have high rates of success, enable to prevent, or promptly remove, infringements of trademarks and copyrights, protecting companies’ brand identity.